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An organized and labeled spice drawer, unpacked, and organized by a Professional Home and Kitchen Organizer in Los Angeles and Pasadena. Savvy and Sorted minimal labels featured along with a spice drawer insert.

Organize and Declutter

The Neat Freak L.A. can transform any space in your home. Once a client’s goal is established, keeping specific needs and lifestyle in mind, the ORGANIZING process begins. SORT & SEPARATE, EDIT (keep, toss, donate), FIND A HOME, CONTAIN & LABEL, and then MAINTAIN. TNFLA will also oversee donation drop offs, shopping for project materials, and provide recommendations for additional trades as needed.

Packing and Unpacking Services

TNFLA specializes in move management. Moving can be stressful. Mike makes it stress-free. No matter if you are downsizing, upsizing, or moving temporarily, TNFLA has you covered! This service will encompass everything needed to get you prepped for the big move and completely set up in your new space upon arrival.  TNFLA will coordinate with your preferred movers to ensure smooth sailing to your new home. Pre-move decluttering/editing services to get a leg up on your fresh start also offered. 

Moving boxes placed next a truck.
Spacious and white living room designed by The Neat Freak L.A. featuring a tulip table, lamb skinned dining chairs, a curved velvet sofa in yellow. Temple Street Bookshelf from Pottery Barn installed on the back wall covered in books, plants and Architectural Digest magazines. Coffee table is acrylic.


The Neat Freak L.A. is passionate about interior design. Services offered would include a full design assessment, paint selection, furniture, and accessories shopping, using your existing items in re-design, and space planning. TNFLA properly places furniture, eliminates awkward traffic patterns, and creates a cohesive look for the space while honoring the overall feel of the home.


Hands off organizing

Not every project calls for a complete overhaul or “hands-on organizing” from a professional. For those clients who like to tackle their organizational projects (those “do it yourselfers”), but still need a guiding hand, you’ve found it. TNFLA offers consulting for home or small business organizing- this service provides a comprehensive action plan with tips, product recommendations and step by step guide to tackle your projects.

Tank top and T-shirt storage solutions, set up by a Professional Home and Closet Organizer in Los Angeles and Pasadena. The containers shown are THE HOME EDIT XL BIN and THE HOME EDIT LARGE BIN. All items are folded neatly in color order and separated  by category.
Tidy kitchen maintained and organized by The Neat Freak L.A.- a professional home organizer in Los Angeles.

Maintenance Program

The Neat Freak L.A. is committed to maintaining the integrity of organizational systems. Maintenance is a necessary part of the process to ensure the success and useability of your systems. Clients’ lives can become busy- so TNFLA is available for routine maintenance on systems every three months, six months or yearly.


  • 4-hour minimum sessions for hands-on organizing.

  • 8-hour full day service.

  • Deposit required for session services.

  • Final 15 minutes of each session for review, and next steps.

  • 24 Hour cancellation policy.

  • Deposit nonrefundable.


Residential Spaces:

  • Kitchen

  • Pantry

  • Bathroom

  • Closet

  • Playroom

  • Nursery

  • Laundry

  • Home Office

  • Garage/Attic

  • Storage Units

  • And everywhere else…

Business/ Commercial Spaces:

  • Small business office

  • Supply rooms/stock rooms

  • Front desk/reception area

  • Paperwork

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